Welcome to Your Back Office Brigade


Most business owners and entrepreneurs focus on growing their business and making money — not filling out forms or keeping ledgers.

That’s understandable, but it’s not sustainable.

Processes, planning, tracking — all the organizational stuff — can make or break a firm. You don’t want to waste days tracking down errant paperwork come tax time. If a large order comes in, complete ledgers let you know if you have the cash flow to handle scaling up production, or hiring new staff. A solid business plan ensures you don’t skimp on the future to cover the present.

But it’s not fun, and many of the talents that make the best business leaders — street savvy, creative, passionate, hard working — make it hard to carve out the schedule time and the brain power to focus on these back-end tasks.

But that’s my talent.

When you hire a consultant, it’s important to know who you’re working with. You want a team player who listens to your unique business needs, an experienced professional who can quickly get up to speed on your books and current processes, and a fast learner who can turn it all around.

Let me introduce myself.

I discovered my own passion for the back office while working in my family’s business, and then handling the paperwork and organization for a marketing research firm. I realized that often, the type of business you have doesn’t matter as much as solid systems and processes to keep the money rolling, the receipts tracked and every step leading the whole shebang toward a brighter strategic future.

Community remains vital to me. I volunteer to sit on the leadership boards of LikeMe® Lighthouse, an LGBT advocacy group, and KC Creates, a local creative and arts organization, and I’m president of Park University’s Alumni Council. At LikeMe, for example, we are now in the midst of creating a business structure, formalizing procedures and documentation, and planning for future growth. I get a great satisfaction knowing that these contributions of my time actually have an impact on the day-to-day functions of the organization.

I approach my clients’ books as if they were a giant puzzle — and I like solving puzzles. For example:

  • Many small businesses fail to register with local government agencies or choose the most appropriate organizational structure, which impacts their taxes and ability to obtain loans.
  • Small business owners often start and run a business from ideas in their head, and never write it down, yet business plans are necessary for funding.


Business structures don’t have to be fancy; they just have to exist. I also have a ready network of experts, from CPAs to attorneys, which I can tap quickly for any needs that arise.

None of this is hard, but it is time consuming. My passion is bringing all these parts together to push your business to the next level.

I take the time, and give you back yours, to focus on your passion — growing your business.

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